Homes are lifetime investments coupled with strong personal ties. Selling your home is an involved process that affects your family and your future. Before you begin this process, you’ll want to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information. When should you sell? How do you get the best price? What kinds of renovations should be made prior to the sale? The selling of a home is a important experiences and I approach this task with sensitivity, concern and professional competence.

Over and over, I find that my policy of conducting a diligently prepared market analysis of the property and reviewing it in detail with the owner reduces the time spent on trial and error and leads to a faster sale, at a better price and with less inconvenience to you.

Deciding to sell a home is a big step. Make sure its a step in the right direction by choosing the person best qualified to handle your specific needs. The following tips will help you through the process of selling a home.

Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

You are looking for comprehensive services from your real estate professional. CENTURY 21 real estate professionals are trained and committed to answering all the questions and concerns that homeowners are challenged with when selling a home. We know that you want to sell your home quickly, at the right price and with as few worries as possible. Your CENTURY 21 real estate professional and the CENTURY 21 Customized Marketing System will create an unparalleled opportunity to distinguish your home in this competitive marketplace.

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If you were pleased with the services provided by the real estate agent who helped you in your search for your present home, you might want to use the same person to sell your home. The real estate agent already knows you and your property, and can “hit the ground running”.

However, should you decide to choose somebody else, take note of names of agents advertising in the local newspaper and in the real estate publications, jot down the names and telephone numbers on the “For Sale” signs of properties in your area, and ask your friends, family and acquaintances for recommendations. Because real estate agents work as matchmakers, bringing buyers, sellers and homes together, it is very important that you, the seller, exercise extreme care when choosing your real estate agent.

Some of the qualities to look for in a real estate agent are:

  • Up-to-date knowledge of the local market – house prices in the area, what buyers are looking for
  • People skills – it is imperative that you are comfortable with your real estate agent.

Make sure that your agentis a good listener so that you can feel confident in the knowledge that he or she understands your needs and concerns.

When Should You Sell?

If you are selling because you are moving to another city or because you are buying another home, then you probably don’t have the luxury of waiting for the ideal time to put your home on the market. However, most people do have some flexibility in deciding when to sell their home.

In a “Seller’s Market”, many buyers are competing for relatively few homes, resulting in homes selling much faster and commanding higher prices than in a “Buyer’s Market”, where there are fewer buyers. Your agent will help you decide on an asking price that will also help you meet your timing requirements.

Get a Bit of Curb Appeal

First impressions do count. The most important thing sellers can do to improve their home is to spruce up the outside. It doesn’t look attractive with long grass and weeds growing everywhere. The appearance of your home while on the market makes quite a difference. So, take a good look at the exterior. Some areas of concern are the roof condition and exterior materials. This will affect the look and the value. Fix broken shutters, mend ripped screens, fill in any holes in the landscaping. Changing the siding can raise the value and nearly pay for the siding job itself.

People are not usually looking for a handyman’s special anymore. The days of leaving your fixer-upper to the next owner are over. Most buyers, even first time buyers want to buy a sound home with little or no work – only a bit of cosmetic work. The less the better.

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